четверг, 26 мая 2016 г.

My book and I

My book is written. Now what?
Now I have to leave it alone for a while.
There are no personages in it. So this time I can easily part with my book. My book and I need a break from each other.
Moreover, the summer came. My vacation will start in two weeks. My family and I are going to go to the Black Sea in Odessa. Wine and shrimp are waiting for us there.

пятница, 25 марта 2016 г.

About dogs and children

   I love dogs and children very much (my family values and taste preferences are a separate category). It is a fact, but this phrase is a bit cynical because of the word order.
   My mind knows that I had to put children first, but the feelings experienced by the heart will not change because of this. When I see a dog, then my heart feels more emotion than when I see a child. It seems that suffering of the dogs  is more serious than suffering of the people. My heart does not analyze, it reacts and sends signals like the computer do it.  Does this mean that the heart is an objective in its measurement system?
   And now about measurement system of the mind (intellect). Of course, in any case, I would have sacrificed lifes of the dogs for the kids, it's also a fact. But why? Because I am a human too, and there's a sort of the instinct of preservation of other people... of the human race? Or because my mind knows (probably heard it somewhere), that human life is more valuable than a dog's life is?
   If the former, then I am an animal who some collective instinct (genetic level) directs. If the second - I am a robot who obeys something like Azimov's laws of robotics
   When I talk about it, then I lose a trail of an elusive true man, but my heart tells me that it is he who is written these lines...

воскресенье, 28 февраля 2016 г.

to climb into someone else's skin

Your "reality" (what is the real world  for you) performs one of two options: either it is environment which important for you , or is a screen for your projections. In the latter case, you will try to make the observations fit the projection - you will always look for evidence, making mountains out of molehills, or otherwise distort your perspective.
   At first I could not understand what it is - to climb into the skin of other people who seem so different from me. Then I thought that maybe I will be able to see the projection of others. And - wow! What a discovery! I experienced that long before you called the "yeah-phenomenon". I understood it when I was at a meeting of the committee, to select candidates for the club to which I belong. What people say about the candidate, explaining why he did not want to see the club, was listing his own shortcomings! Seeing as it happens, I understood that is  "to climb into someone else's skin" and see if it fits.