четверг, 28 мая 2015 г.

first post

   Hi, Everyone! My name is Alex. I live in Ukraine. I have some interesting thoughts that I’d like to write them in this blog. Sorry for my funny english. I hope it will get better with time.
   I am a doctor, I run a small department of psycho-physiological examination.
   The world around us is dual and has two layers. Firstly, it is the world of being. It is composed of time and space. Our body lives in this world and our self lives in this body. Secondly, it is the human game world. Our alter ego (persona) and our complexes live in this strange world.
   I'm writing books. Previously, I wrote the books in the genre of science fiction. You can find these books on  Internet at various literary sites. I am currently writing a book about the psychological complexes. Let this blog be a collection of my observations. Welcome!
   Here is my Russian blog