пятница, 17 июля 2015 г.

between idea and realization

   Once my friend told me that writing a book is like a hard long way.
   Blah blah blah! I write my books fast. Everyone goes at their own pace. But I work 24 hours per day. I'm a little bit crazy. Now I write my book and a scenario of a play, too (about the war in Ukraine). The premiere of the play will take place in autumn… And I'm working on a few media projects that are interesting to me. I have my personal website with my blog. And now I'd like to have an English blog, too.
   Why do I need this?
   Thing is I'm a dreamer and I have many ideas. And I am the one who is between idea and realization. I am the way, and legs that go on it.
   Later, I'll write here about how I became so active.
   And you? Would you like something? Do you have any wishes and dreams? Then go ahead!
   I know it sounds pathetic, but Your life is the realization :)
   No one else can do it for you. Your work and your time - they works wonders!
   And here's a little secret. Every step I take is the first step of my future way.
   And one more thing. I have to find myself at the present time to make this first step.
   But how can you get excited about interesting work, and at the same time not to become a workaholic? I'm sorry, but I can not answer this question. Look for the answer elsewhere...