четверг, 16 июля 2015 г.

in search of complexes: try to see

You want to be independent, self-determined, don’t you?
Are you looking for effective ways to get rid of small and big troubles?
Yes, I'm looking for such methods, too. Look, I have a smile on some of the photos. But there is my serious face on other pictures.
Sometimes I feel completely free. Sometimes it can last for a long time, for many days. I can control myself. I can remember that I'm master of my life.
But sometimes I relax. In those days I'm not master of my life. In those days I am slave of my complexes.
Stop. I said a word "complexes"?
My complexes: who are they?
...Of course, at first I didn't know that they create problems. I thought that life circumstances create problems. It’s like in old French saying: c'est la vie...
I thought man's life depends on many contingencies, karma, luck and bad luck, etc.
But one day I saw them... the complex is a little funny creatures... Do you remember the movie "Gremlins"? These little creatures live inside us.
I recommend reading Carl Jung, that we can understand it.
Jung wrote that the psychological complexes are small fragments of consciousness. Sometimes, psychological stress, unpleasant moments of life and injuries like chop off the small piece of our consciousness. This piece has own autonomous life within our brain. His abode is in our subconsciousness. There's always dark. Therefore, we do not know anything about its life.
Meanwhile, complexes know everything about us.
I saw my complexes. They're living entities and it's the truth. They look like gremlins, but they are more cunning. We need to have some mystical spiritual experience, so that we can see them. Would you like me to teach you?
The complex has a lot of friends. They live in our subconsciousness, too. They interact. They have a plan. And we have small and big trouble. We have life randomnessis. We have karma. And we say: c'est la vie....
Complexes have a boss. Do you know who he is? This is our main enemy. No, we know nothing about him. The boss of complexes is our boss too... And we are fulfilling his bidding. I should say so! He is our conscience!
But how do we find freedom?
Unfortunately, we are unconsciously. Therefore, we can not see our complexes and their boss. We can not change our lives. We have to be afraid, to doubt, to be dependent, to suffer, to dwell, to endure and to deceive ourselves.
But... never say die.
I know good ways how we can learn to control their systems.
Now I describe my experience In dealing with complexes in my new book (in Russian). And I will write small posts on this topic in my English blog.
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