пятница, 10 июля 2015 г.

the prehistory...

Thus, complexes and me... That's the prehistory.
I was born in the Soviet Union and I was a pioneer, Komsomol member, I served in Soviet Army for secret complex of anti-aircraft defense... I had a lot of complexes. A huge pile. I didn't believe in God, and my father was a communist. I didn't believe in communism, too.
Have you lived in the Soviet Union? No? There was not too large set of roles in Soviet society.
If you want to be good one you have to choose the role of a member of the Communist Party. If you want to be bad one, you are to become a hippie. If you want to be Nothing and achieve Buddhist emptiness you must become a clerk. For example, a teacher or an engineer.
I don't know why I agreed, but I decided to become a clerk. I became a doctor. Yes, the doctor wasn't an important person in The Soviet Union, the doctor was a clerk who was doing his job so-so and thus he earned so-so, too.
Life has changed in that time while I was in Medical Institute. Soviet Union
collapsed. I became a citizen of Ukraine. Dashing Nineties tormented the country. New roles in our society have come from the West: manager, top manager, senior top manager ... We also came up with some roles for ourselves: bandit, cool bandit, very cool bandit... Ukrainians have put on a new mask. Managers and bandits started a war.
At first bandits won. Then managers outsmarted them and came to power. Then bandits outwitted managers. Then managers staged two revolutions... By the way, over the years managers and thugs have got so much mixed that
now we have a new role - senior top-bandit.
And I ... And all this time I've been a clerk. But I wasn't wasting the time ... I was writing novels about clerks. Of course I choose genre of fiction. SF.
I was writing bad books at first. Very, very bad. But I was learning. Honestly! I was reading special literature, I attended seminars on literature. And now I don't write very very badly. Just badly.
One day I signed a contract with the publishing house even.
But afterward this publishing house has collapsed. I think this the trouble is related to my karma clerk. Also I met with some writers and editors.
I talked to them a lot of time.
What I learned about them? They are people who play strange roles. They suffer from the fact that they can not understand the modern world. But many of them consider themselves to be geniuses.
One day at a literary seminar in Crimea My co-author (the girl from St. Petersburg) said: "Oh my God! These people have so much complexes! "
Yes, there's something I missed ... I was a hippie for a while.
Many years ago. I meditated, loved life, drank wine, smoked grass, I laughed and swam in the sea. Me and my wife. But then my life clerk won my life hippies. Hippie died inside me.
The clerk was triumphant. That's when I became a writer.
I worked for a large company, where I led the other clerks, I was top-clerk. My book "Homotrophs" about it.
Now I have a lot of experience. I work with people I examine their psychophysiology. And I write books.
That's it.
Now is the time to learn English and I have to tell the world everything that I know about the complexes.
By the way. Do not hurry to kill me for my bad English.