среда, 23 сентября 2015 г.

Thank you, my dear complexes

I'm a tamer of complexes. But this doesn't mean that I'm a very good the tamer. Yes, I'm trying to improve, I experiment, I have been studying the behavior of these original beings ... But there is a lot of bite marks on my body, because sometimes I went into the cage when I was not ready to do it.
But I love these animals. If I had not them, then I would be another person. My complexes and I together are a big circus family.
Here is a list of my habits and abilities that I have thanks to my complexes:
I can brag, envy, fear to love, hate (these habits are my strongest motivation in life)
I can laugh, to criticize, to cry, to be angry, compassionate (these habits make my life brighter and more colorful).
Thank you, my dear complexes. See you.