пятница, 26 февраля 2016 г.

our funny friendship

   When my friend was very young he was the ugly duckling. He thought so.
   My friend suffered from an inferiority complex, and I suffered from an inferiority complex, a superiority complex and the Oedipus complex. Everyone has a friend who laughs funnier than he jokes. This is about my friend. In this way, we had funny friendship!
  We were two typical losers, which are depicted in the American comedy about teenagers. Oh yes, we were real losers. I was a good student, and my friend studied so-so, but our behavior was similar.
   Being losers, we had a low rating in the coordinate system of our school. And we knew this about each other. I mean, I knew that he is a loser, and he knew that I'm the loser. But we had a great significance for each other. We knew very well why we're friends. We needed each other as crutches.
   We are not only able to hear the testimony of each other, but we were able to believe in a lie to each other. Because we had a common reality. And that reality was wonderful.
   We had a world of dreams, children's philosophy, strange humor. This helped us. I think I learned to think abstractly and to look at life with humor thanks to my friend.
   We were not best friends forever. After leaving school I went to university, and he went to work. He married, and I  married. He divorced and married a second time, and I'm still married to a girl with whom I met thanks to my friend.
  Now I rarely meet him. But what's interesting is, I live in a world that we come up with, still.