воскресенье, 28 февраля 2016 г.

to climb into someone else's skin

Your "reality" (what is the real world  for you) performs one of two options: either it is environment which important for you , or is a screen for your projections. In the latter case, you will try to make the observations fit the projection - you will always look for evidence, making mountains out of molehills, or otherwise distort your perspective.
   At first I could not understand what it is - to climb into the skin of other people who seem so different from me. Then I thought that maybe I will be able to see the projection of others. And - wow! What a discovery! I experienced that long before you called the "yeah-phenomenon". I understood it when I was at a meeting of the committee, to select candidates for the club to which I belong. What people say about the candidate, explaining why he did not want to see the club, was listing his own shortcomings! Seeing as it happens, I understood that is  "to climb into someone else's skin" and see if it fits.