вторник, 28 июля 2015 г.

сomplexes aren’t dangerous, if you can overcome the fear

Many years ago, my wife and I were teenagers and we went to the same school. I was in the 9th grade, she was in the 8th. We were not familiar with. But every day during a break between classes, I saw her. I don't remember the moment when I fell in love. But I remember the terrible time when I was in a state of painful love. This is similar to the flu. I lost several kilograms, and I felt a constant anguish and cold in the stomach. I waited a minute, when the lesson is over, so ... No, I couldn't go to her, I could see from afar. I was afraid very much.
Can you imagine this skinny moody teen? Thin as a rake. I had pimples on my forehead, and I shut my forehead with a bang . Yes, in those days, teenagers wore long bangs, it was the beginning of the 80s.
In the 80s fashion was ugly, and the music was as yet so-so: there was good disco and real rock. However, rock lived out his last days. I listened to rock as much as I could do it. Although the rock has no relation to the story. I just listened to rock, and I almost cried at the same time.
My friend laughed at me. He saw my suffering, and he came up with ways to make the my suffering even more painful. He asked: Why do not I meet her right now? He called me a coward. And I endured it all. After all, he was my friend. Oh yeah ... He, too, was in love with a girl and he did not dare admit it to her.
We're brutally tortured over each other, and we carried the love in our hearts.
Our complexes have given us only one option behavior. To love, to suffer and to mock each other. We were like Beavis and Bathed. We listened to rock, we had stupid bangs and we hide our feelings. Our complexes have forced us to do it.
We knew that we had a lot of complexes, but we don’t recognize each other in this. Either way, we said that we're cool, aren't we.

Remember: control your psychic complexes instead of letting them control you.

Now I know that if you have a lot of complexes, then this is fine. If a person thinks that they have a little, here it is really a problem.
Sometimes we come up with a fantastic version of our first appointment. You would not believe if I tell you about our fantasies. We have portrayed themselves as tough guys. Our psychic complexes have forced us to do it.
We didn't know that there are simple ways to achieve the goal. Tough guys do not go to the right path.
Imagination of people who has a lot of hang-ups has created notorious human world in which we live. Imagination of teenager someone who has a lot of hang-ups creates a surreal world of Batman and Superman.
Adults are funny and comical, if we look to them as follows. But teens are hundredfold comical.
If funny self-conscious teenage is coming to an girl, and if he offers to meet, he chooses a certain pattern of behavior. He chooses the most stupid variant of behavior. He play the ape, and he tries to convince her that he is Batman. (By the way, this strangeness lives in a man a lifetime. It is called the "complex of superiority-inferiority")
One day my friend told me: OK, dude, you're not my friend from today if you don’t go up to her.
Well, here I went up to her. Because I do not want to lose my friend.
I went up to her. But I did not choose a certain pattern of behavior. Tough guys do not choose any pattern of behavior. I chose the more foolish option.
Briefly I said: hello and then I  walked beside her silently. I walked and nozzles.
What's next? I am Batman, and now she is my wife!