пятница, 7 августа 2015 г.

I tame complexes, but I don’t fight with them!

I tame complexes, but I don’t fight with them.
When I was in 3rd grade, we had extra lessons of political information, and they begin before start lessons. Of course, the kids wanted to sleep, but the teacher forced them that they were prepared speech on political issues. The main theme called "Decaying Western civilization". We had to criticize politics and culture of Western countries.
I studied well, but I had problems at lessons of political information. And I had a secret forbidden love to the western world. First of all, my love was expressed in love for the culture-rock of Western  and jeans (as is known, the Soviet people didn’t have jeans, but people could buy them on the "black market").
Then one day my teacher had to expose me to the class. She called me apolitical, and she said it was very bad. Of course, in this case, use of the term "apolitical" was incorrect. Nevertheless, she was right. I'm realy apolitical. The word "apolitical" means for me "not obsessed". I'm not obsessed with any idea.
Therefore I don’t have a nationality. In addition, I've problems with the choice of the parties when there is a war. One of two things – either I'm a man of the future or my teacher is right.