четверг, 6 августа 2015 г.

How to get rid of complexes?

How to get rid of complexes? No, this is not the right question.
I hope In this article you will find interesting advice on getting rid of negative baggage.
Ironically, it is your complex asks: How to get rid of complexes? He likes to provoke you. Alas, they have a bad character.
As for me, I'm not going to get rid of my complexes. I'm friends with them, but sometimes I am strict with them.

1. First of all, we must find the cause of our complex. Of course, sometimes it is not easy. We must remember our childhood. We must remember that we have been able to forget. Maybe it happened at school, or maybe it was more early.
Are you afraid of your parents? If not, then what do you afraid most?
Carl Jung said that children's mental trauma
s are the cause of emergence of the complex.
Imagine the shock (non-physical) that it breaks off a small piece of our consciousness. This piece just is a complex. It consists of matter of our consciousness. But it has his own will. He says, I want it. And we obey its.
Remember your childhood. When did you start to obey your complex?
Immerse yourself in your memories. This is a very important step. You have to learn to understand your complex. If you comprehend the psychology of your complex, then you will be able to manage it.
Look at your childhood experiences through the eyes of an adult. Maybe you are faced with injustice in your childhood. Maybe someone from the adults gave you wrong advice. And you used to think wrongly. If your complex speak with you again, then you tell it: you were born as a result of the error.

2. You need to learn how to think positively. Just change your negative inner dialogue on more positive. If you have a question: How to get rid of complexes? - Then tell to your complex: all right!

3. Keep track of your thoughts. If your head appeared a bad idea (for example, "At this party, I dressed the worst "), then you have to change the negative thought
into a neutral one. You can do this, because you have the will. Tell your complex: I always look normally.

Refresh one's memory what are your positive qualities. Do not be too modest. Write on paper what you remember. Tell your complex: here are my advantages.

5. All human beings are imperfect. Of course, you also have weaknesses. I admit it. Do not be afraid of your flaws. Remember, everything can change. If you can not dance then go to the dance studio. If you are overweight, start to go to the gym. When the question arises: How to get rid of complexes? - tell your complex: this is time for me to change.

   6. Do some people criticize you? How do you respond to that? Remember that the reason your inferiority complex isn't events and other people, but it's your reaction to them. If you feel negative emotions, tell your complex: Shut up.

7. We all fall in the trap of comparison wherein we inevitably compare ourselves with others. We compare ourselves with our friends, colleagues and with strangers too. Do not compare yourself with others.
Your confidence should not depend on somebody. Everyone has his own path.

8. Surround yourself with cheerful people. Communication with them will be useful to you. Tell your complex: they are my friends.

To be continued...