понедельник, 3 августа 2015 г.

how can i control my emotions?

Hi everyone!  I will discuss  in this post how we can control our emotions. Really, this is  a very simple recipe. Again, I apologize in advance for my bad English. Please correct my mistakes in your comments.
So, if you want to learn how to manage your psychological complexes, first you must learn to manage emotions.
Sometimes we encounter great psychological stress in our lives. In this case, we become victims of our emotions very often. Anger or resentment seizes us. Then we can not talk properly and make the right decisions in this state. Then we become like little helpless children.
Our ability to manage emotions is our culture and our personal freedom.
Educated person differs from the ill-mannered in the first place so that he can control his emotions, even where this is difficult. The developed person is able to control himself always.
Adult tough life teaches us to generate emotions. For years, the movie taught us too.
Constantly we see in the movies, the heroes who have driven by passions, make some crazy things. Sometimes, the whole plot is built on it. Characters of films quarrel, angry, shouting at each other. Sometimes they do not even have a convincing reason.
And in the end, we believe that human personality are a set of passions, quirks, defects, complexes, fears and emotional outbursts. On the other hand, public morals and corporate culture  taught us to suppress emotions. Usually our bosses want it, too. Sometimes our teachers and our parents have done so too. So many of us are accustomed to suffer in secret.
Therefore, the first thing we have to draw the line between "control of emotions," and "suppression of emotions."  We wear in ourselves a canned emotions. Perhaps you have heard how dangerous it is. Over time, these habits lead to neurosis or depression. That is, we become jumpy or whiners. The sad old age... Have you seen people  who spend a lot of effort in order to they can hide the symptoms of their mental illness...
So actually we must become real managers of our mental state. It's like when we get a good job. We need to show people that what we are good managers. We must find ways to manage subordinates. Otherwise, our boss will find us a replacement.
Now, to business.
In usual situations, emotions run directly. It is a simple and natural as if we are going to raise their hand. If we want to raise your hand, we don't need special techniques. We just raise your hand and just omit it.
You should be able to control your emotions in this way, too.
The best recipe is very simple. An expression of your facial  will help you. Change the expression on your face if you want to remove unnecessary emotion. React quickly. Change your face before bad emotions have time to gain strength. Correct your eyes and lips.
Remember the "picture of your body". What is your posture? Where are your hands and your feet just now? Where are your fingers?
Adopt correct posture.
The one who suppresses his emotions he looks depressed. But the person who controls his emotions, looks like he wants.

I had depression as a child and as a teenager. This lasted until I learned to control my breathing. Control of the physiology of the body is the first step to control mentality.

You know how to do it. When guests come to your house, at first you smile , and your smile start a complex  mechanism of emotions. You show concern for your guests and soon pleasant emotions come to you as you think. In fact, you yourself change your emotional state.
Do not think that the management of emotions is a difficult task. But think that it is a vital necessity. Constant training will lead to rapid results.
It is also a habit to manage emotions gives rise to the ability to be aware. It is the ability to control their attention.
Before training, we have to comprehend the benefits that we get from these actions.
As a rule, people do not realize that anger, resentment or hysteria is always our personal choice. They think that bad emotions are their natural reaction.
Our training will help us to correct our wrong and erroneous behavior that we have learned in our childhood.

Do not leave it for later.